Some of the Equipment I Use 

At the heart of every mobile disco is quality sound. The 2 Wharfedale speakers (pictured to the right) provide just that. Quality sound at the right volume with no distortion or nasty side effects.

These can easily provide music to guests of 150+ without straining them. They use built in amps in each, so even in the event of a failure it's possible to keep the party going.

DJ decks

Now for the finishing touches it wouldn't be worthwhile spending all that money on laptops, speakers, DJ decks and microphones to leave out the lighting.

LED effect

Finally the newest addition to my disco setup is an LED video screen. With 10 built in programs it can be set to move in time with the music again and does a great job of hiding all the cables, laptops and other equipment.

The best bit about all the equipment you see here is it is all included in any quotation I provide to you.

If you like everything here and want to check out my packages click here, to check when I'm available click here or if you still have more questions you can get in touch by emailing me, which you can find all the info you need here.


 So now we have the speakers we need the music.

Sending music to the speakers is a top of the range macbook pro as used by industry professionals in the biggest nightclubs in the world. Nearly limitless storage and no moving parts means one thing. There is nothing going to stop your party.

Add into that a set of Traktor DJ decks (again as used by industries pro's), a Traktor F1 for special audio effects and a class leading microphone used by popstars worldwide and you have a perfect setup that is more than equipped for the task at hand.

As there's no moving parts that means no scratched CD's "skipping", quick and easy searching of songs for requests and the highest quality digital playback.

LED lights

When it comes to lighting I use an LED lighting bar as above, which again uses LED's so no blown bulbs! This light is fantastic at filling a room with light and cycling slowly through colours or can be turned on so that it reacts to the music and moves in time. The second light you can see on the left puts a range of coloured light all over the room and dances around in time to the music adding that extra effect that sets everything off.